2018 Launch Reports

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January, 2018

There was about 6 inches of snow everywhere including the road down but it was drivable. No one was planning any high power motors so we held the launch just south of the road about 2/3s of the way down, at the top of the knoll before the steeper section of the road down to the large field. The forecast was for partly cloudy but it was almost completely overcast with just a few seconds of sunshine as we were setting up. The temperature was in the lower 40s but the steady wind between 10-15mph made it feel colder. The wind would ebb and flow between 5 and 20mph, with the average increasing as the launch went on. As we were packing up, the wind was over 20mph and gusting to 36 and the skies to the south were blue.

There were a total of 12 flights with 13 motors: 3-C, 7-F, and 3-G. This was a total of a I with an average motor and average per flight of an F.
The flights were as follows:

Guest Ebbe flew his 2.25 inch x 50 inch, white, red and black LOC IQSY Tomahawk twice. The first time was on an AT F50-6T with a JL Chute Release (CR) set for 300 feet and a JL Altimeter III which read 700 feet. The second time was on an AT G77-7R to 1217 feet. Both times the red parachute came out and expanded when allowed by the CR.

Guest Matt also launched his blue and red 2.6 inch x 39 inch AT Initiator twice, both times with a JL CR set to 300 feet. An AT F50-6T was also the first flight. An AT G64-7W was the second flight. The yellow parachute came out and expanded as expected with the CR. The second flight had the longest walk of the day to be recovered and one fin was cracked.

Member Jim flew a black and green Wildman Punisher Sport on an AT F39T with an altimeter III and a JL CR. This flight had a pucker factor of 9.5/10.0 as it went up 203 feet and was only 30 feet off the ground when the nosecone ejected and about 10 feet off the ground when the chute fluffed to slow the rocket down.

Member James flew his 2 inch x 65 inch, gold and black Estes Mammoth twice in 2 different configurations. The first flight was with a booster so the flight was powered by an Estes F15-0 and an Estes F15-6. The flight was almost horizontal when the booster lit causing a greater than 1:1 flight, going 516 feet up and about 800 feet down range. The same rocket flew much straighter on a single F16-5 and managed went up higher, to 856 feet. The rocket separated on the second flight but will fly again with minor repairs.

Member Ben had 2 flights, including part of the drag race which opened the 2018 flying season. His half of the drag race was an Estes 1/10 scale Patriot on an Estes C6-5. The 1.6 inch x 22 inch kit was classically painted in red, white, yellow and black. Ben's big flight of the day was a custom 3 inch x 60 inch AMRAAM on a CTI G68 white which was brought down nicely on a 24 inch red parachute.

Member Paul managed 3 flights. His first flight was also an Estes 1/10 Patriot on a C6-5 as part of the opening flights for 2018. Paul's Patriot was white and lime green and flew nicely. There was not real winner to the drag race. It was a nice way to start the 2018 season. A yellow and teal 3 inch x 14 inch Estes Big Daddy flew on an Estes C11-3 which did not go real high but the purple and white parachute brought it down fine. Paul's big flight was a 3 inch x 42 inch Estes Leviathan painted in magenta and black which flew on an AT F40-7W with a JLCR and altimeter III. The rocket reached 695 feet before the parachute was ejected and then the chute opened up for a successful recovery .
We packed up and were off the field at 1:50. Thanks to everyone for helping with the setup and take down.


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