2022 Launch Reports

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January, 2022

The January Launch was cancelled due to poor weather.


February, 2022

This was the first launch in 2022 but not one of the best launches the CRMRC has had. The forecast was to start the day sunny, single digits F, with light winds, going to overcast, mid 20s F and 25mph winds by afternoon with gusts to 36 mph. The actual weather followed this with no clouds, no wind and 8 deg F at 7:45 am and by 2:00 pm it was 23 deg F, 16-23mph wind, and mostly cloudy. The wind chill was never above single digits F, even as the temperature warmed up, making everyone miserable.

The field was frozen solid due to the rain and flood watch 3 days earlier followed by single digit F temperatures. Parking was allowed on the field that we launch from because of how solid the field was.

Three college teams were supposed to show up: Wooster Polytechnic Institute (WPI), University of Massachusetts - Amherst (UMass), and Olin College of Engineering. Olin decided not to show up due to the poor weather. WPI took too long to prep their rocket, as the winds were over 20mph. UMass, who's luck on previous launches was not good, did manage to get their rocket off the ground.

About 30 people showed up to the launch, most of which were college students from WPI and UMass. The rest were CRMRC members. There were 6 rockets that got off the ground. Motors were: 1-F, 2-G, 1-H, 1-I, and 1-L. Specs are: mode - G, mean - H, and total - L.

The flights were:

- Guest William flew a red 44" x 1.6" custom rocket called Peanut Butter Falcon on an AT F67 White Economax. The flight was successful, landing in the launch field to the south, being recovered successfully.

- Guest Curtis launched a scratch built upscale of an Estes Corkscrew painted in red, on an AT G53 FJ with black smoke. As the name implies, the rocket corkscrewed on the way up. The flight was high enough that on the way down, the rocket drifted and was caught in a tree to the northwest of the launch pad, about 25 feet off the ground. The wind was not able to blow this rocket out of the tree, but on the second walk out to the rocket to get it down, a combination of cordage, weights, a 12 foot step ladder, and the CRMRC flagpole were able to wrap the cordage around the rocket fins and then pull all the parts to the ground without damage to the rocket.

- Guest Jason, as the flier of record for UMass, flew their custom primer grey 4" x 102" project on the largest motor of the day, a CTI L1030 red to 5280 feet. A RRC3 and Raven4 handled the deployment duties and the 24 pound rocket landed on the field to the east. The winds were strong enough, and the ground so frozen, that the rocket was dragged about 1/4 mile, suffering significant damage to the fins and the body tube, including making the airframe about 8 inches shorter. The team was forced to run after their rocket to catch it and then walk the path it was dragged to find all of the pieces that shredded off.

- CRMRC member Doug managed 2 flights.
A blue and black Mac Performance Pike flew on a Loki I316 spitfire (sparky). The 4" x 86" rocket deployment was controlled by an RRC2 with the main set for apogee. This rocket also drifted into the tree line to the northwest and was caught 40 feet off the ground. Everyone watched the rocket's parachute inflate from the wind and after 5 minutes the rocket was pulled out of the tree and fell to the ground undamaged.

A blue grey Mac Performance Bolt went up on a Loki H144 white with an Eggtimer handling the deployment charges. Having learned from his first flight, Doug angled the rod and the rocket landed between the launch control table and the cars, about 15 feet from both, along with the people in the area.

- CRMRC member Howie managed just a single unsuccessful flight, of his custom Dragonfly, which looked like a 6-fin Mac Performance 54mm Black Fly. The CTI F68 was not enough power for that much wind. The rocket corkscrewed significantly, not attaining even half the expected altitude. This caused the rocket to lawn dart in a large frozen pond on the field several seconds before the parachute deployed. The parachute did eventually deploy, but it was too late and the nosecone needs to be replaced.

Flights were done around 2:00pm and we left the field.


March, 2022

(A twice delayed launch finally held on Saturday April 2nd)

The weather improved throughout the entire day. Upon arrival at 0900 it was sunny, temperature at freezing, winds averaging 13mph with gusts to 20mph. By leaving at 1700 (5:00pm), the temperature was 42edgF, and winds averaged 6mph. The sky was cloudless all day. The ground started with the surface frozen but soft underneath, and softened to mud all day.

All parking was either along the road down or at the top of the knoll, with no one parking on the field because it was too muddy. The mud caused a few cars which were parked at the bottom of the road to need a push to get going and start up the hill at the end of the day.

Total attendance was about 70 people, including 5 college teams: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Northeastern, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UMass), Olin College of Engineering, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Of the 22 total flights, there were no low power flights, 2 mid power flights, and 20 high power flights consisting of: 1-F, 1-G, 5-H, 11-J, 1-K, and 3-L. The mode and mean were both "J" with the total being 65% N. There were 2 certification flights and 10 first flights. Another CRMRC member was at Red Glare with MDRA, in MD. This flight is also included in the launch report, but is not part of the launch statistics.

Club video is HERE

Flight details, including time indexes for the video:

MAC Performance Rocketry 3"x60" black Scorpion on an AT H128R with Jiobit on board. L1 certification flight, successful
Video at 00:31

LOC Precision 4"x85" black, white, & red IRIS on AT J275W with RRC3 & RRC2+ @ 700 feet. L2 certification flight, 1st flight, successful after huffing & chuffing on the pad
Video at 21:02

James @ Red Glare
Wildman 6" x 132" red, yellow, & blue Ultimate Wildman on CTI M1810RL with RRC2, RRC2L, AltusMetrumEM @ 1000 feet, L3 certification flight, successful (7220 feet apogee)
Video at 34:42

Custom Q11x2m silver "Swiss Jesus" on CTI J410 red with Stratologger & EasyMini, 1st flight
Video at 24:28

Custom 5.5"x86" unpainted "J.A.R" on AT J500G with RRC3 & RRC2+ @ 700 feet, 1st flight
Video at 12:45

Apogee 4" x 74" red & blue Hyperion on AT J450DM with RRC3 & RRC2 @ 600 feet, no main chute
Video at 28:51
Custom 6" x 87" black with red switch band "Phoenix IV" on AT L875 DMS with RRC3 & Quantum @ 900 feet, delayed launch, spiraled on way up
Video at 23:35

Custom 5.5" x 103" red & black "Travel Request Denied" on CTI K1440WT with 2 EasyMinis, 1st flight
Video at 33:00

Kartikey (was flier of record for many fliers)
Custom 4" x 82" multi-colored "too Isnan" on CTI J357BS with Stratologger & EasyMini @ 500 feet, 1st flight
Video at 26:00
Custom 4" x 78" graffiti-colored "Hold My Beer!" on CTI J400BS with Stratologger & EastMini @ 800 feet, 1st flight
Video at 31:11
Custom 4" x 81" black & red "Super Guppy" on CTI J316 PI with EasyMini & home made @ 630 feet
Video at 16:42
Custom 4" x 81" gold "The Rocketeers" on CTI J530IM with Stratologger & EastMini @ 800 feet, 1st flight
Video at 14:22

Madcow 4" x 54" red, white & blue Super DX3 on CTI J425BS with Proton @ 400 feet (4005' flight)
Video at 03:59

Estes Argent 2.6" x 56" white, orange & black on AT F20W-4 with Flight Sketch & Estes altimeters, 1st flight
Custom 4" x 3" purple "Purple Crayon" on CTI H90CL
Video at 08:33
Madcow 3" x 67" black & red Formula 75 on CTI J250SK with Stratologger & GPS
Video at 11:02

Madcow 2.5" x 60" black & white Bomarc on AT G125BT with Eggtimer @ apogee
Video at 27:52
MAC Performance 3" x 72" orange & white Exocet on Loki H144W with RRC2 @ apogee, 1st flight
Video at 02:45
MAC Performance 4" x 90" red VTS on CTI J400SS with RRC2 & Eggtimer @ apogee
Video at 08:59

April, 2022

Although this CRMRC launch was held in April, it seemed like the Fourth of July! The club put on a rocketry fireworks show with sparkling titanium-infused propellant shimmering brightly across the sky, and thundering liftoffs that reverberated across the wide-open fields. We also witnessed four spectacular (but unfortunate) motor failures in mid-flight.

14 people attended the launch: 7 CRMRC members, one guest from Virginia, two guests from Essex Junction, Vermont, and four college students from Northeastern University (Boston).

At 9:00 am, 5 club members and one guest began to set upthe launch equipment. We set up the low-power rack 50 feet from the launch table, and two blue high-power pads at 100 feet, both on 1010 rails but with an option to switch to 1515 rail as needed. For a K flight later in the day (Howie), we moved one of the blue pads out to 200 feet.

We were ready to begin launching by 9:42 am, and the first flight lifted off at 10:11 am. At that moment, the club anemometer registered 0.0 mph, but we observed variable winds throughout the day. In a few instances, it was necessary to wait a few moments until winds reduced below 20 mph according to NAR regulations, but generally the winds were not a problem. Winds were typically about 6-8 mph from the northwest, and many of our rockets landed conveniently in the east cornfield, a perfect landing site this time of year since there is no standing corn. We noted some water in ditches and occasional mud patches in the fields and the farm road, but our rockets avoided these wet areas.

We enjoyed a cloud ceiling of at least 5000 feet above ground level, typically consisting of altocumulus clouds (mackerel sky/fish-scale clouds) or thin high-level stratus clouds along with a mix of blue sky. Prior to the launch day, Club President and Rocket Guru Howie D had examined the Windy.com website for cloud altitude predictions, and it turned out to be quite accurate.

Stan arrived about 10:00 am and successfully passed the L2 written test, and another club member arrived on the field around this time. Four college students from Northeastern Univeristy (Boston) arrived about11:30 am.

Club members left for lunch about 3:10 pm (Bayside Restaurant in St. Albans Bay), and then returned to the fieldat about 4:40 pm for one final flight from the Northeastern University group, which lifted off at 4:57 pm. We then finished packing up, and club members left the field at about 5:20 pm.


-Successful L2 certification: Stan W. and his MAC 4-inch Black Fly on CTI J335

-Successful Bomarc flight: Doug G and his MadcowBomarc on AT H115

-Best visual estimation of 500 feet at moment of deployment: Howie and his Dark Star 3, which deployed at the exact moment Howie said it had reached 500 feet.

-Best GoPro ground-level views of liftoffs: Scott L

-Most spectacular motor cato: This was a tie among(1) John A and his MAC Menace on CTI J316, (2) Doug and his SBR Honest John on CTI J530, and (3) James with his Madcow SuperDX3 on Loki J650.

-Best innovations for deployment: Northeastern University and their parachute reefing system (conceptually similar to SpaceX and Blue Origin)

-Closest to pad (both vertically and horizontally): James and his ill-fated Chimera on AT F32

We flew a total of 19 motors on 19 flights (no staged or complex motor configurations). All flights on this day were either high power or mid power. As a group, our total impulse was 9270.5 Newton-sec (2084.1 pound-force-sec), which is equivalent to one large M motor (81% M). Our mean and median total impulses were 515 N-sec and 484.8 N-sec respectively, both of which are equivalent to an I motor. In other words, we flew a lot of mid-sized HPR flights on this day. The largest motor was a CTI K550RL (Howie), and the smallest was an AeroTech F32 (James).

Sparky percentage: Six of the 19 motors (31.6%) flown on this day were sparky motors (titanium-infused).

The motor classes were distributed as follows:
A-E: 0 motors
F: 3 motors
G: 2 motors
H: 3 motors
I: 5 motors
J: 5 motors
K: 1 motor



Stan W.
MAC Black Fly, black, 4 in. dia., 50 in. tall, 6 lbs 12 oz
-Motor: CTI J335RL
-Electronics: JLCR
-Result: Good flight, apogee 4014 feet, landed in the grass just south of the farm road
-Successful L2 certification. Congratulations, Stan!
-Video at 16:16

Scott L.
1. Sheltech BTX60, 29mm dia., 30 in. tall, 10 oz
-Motor: AT F67-W9
-Electronics: Jiobit GPS
-Result: Unstable flight, chute deployed on the ground
-Video at 00:16

2. MAC Scorpion, 3 in. dia., 60 in. tall, 3 lbs 6 oz
-Motor: AT G78-9 Mojave Green
-Electronics: Jiobit GPS
-Result: Good flight, chute deployment was late but rocket landed safely.
-Video at 09:25

3. MAC Scorpion, 3 in. dia., 60 in. tall, 3 lbs 6 oz
-Motor: AT G80-9T
-Electronics: Jiobit GPS
-Result: Good flight, good deployment (he attached a small drogue chute to the nosecone to facilitate deployment of the main chute)
-Video at 12:09

1. Custom Chimera, blue booster and transparent plastic airframe, 2.6 in. and 2.0 in., 2 lbs 1 oz
-Motor: AT F32-8T
-Result: Cato (motor burn-thru). The transparent plastic airframe is now opaque (charred black), and the plastic is now slightly melted near the aft end
-Video at 03:40

2. Madcow FG SuperDX3, black and silver, 4 in. dia., 80 in. tall, 13 lbs 5 oz
-Motor: Loki J650SF
-Electronics: Dual deploy with RRC2 and Altus Metrum EM, and Jiobit GPS
-Result: Nice loud sparky liftoff but then catastrophic motor burn-thru (due to user error in the delay element)
-Video at 06:07

3. Custom Chimera, blue booster and transparent plastic airframe, 2.6 in. and 2.0 in., 2 lbs 1 oz
-Motor: AT F67-6W
-Result: Good flight (flight trajectory was a bit wobbly due to the melted airframe section near the aft end)
-Video at 21:11

Kevin K.
1. Madcow SuperDX3, red/white/blue, 4 in. dia., 54 in. tall, 7 lbs 2 oz
-Motor: AT I280DM
-Electronics: Eggtimer Proton set for 500 feet and Eggtimer GPS
-Result: Good flight, apogee 2973 feet
-Video at 07:16

2. Madcow Patriot, white/orange/red, 4 in. dia., 48 in. tall, 6 lbs 6 oz
-Motor: CTI I540WT
-Electronics: JCLR set to 400 feet
-Result: Good flight
-Video at 19:20

Matthew and Northeastern University student team
1. Super Guppy, black and red, 4 in. dia., 72 in. tall, 10lbs 13 oz
-Motor: CTI I216CL
-Electronics: passive computer, 2x Altus Metrum EM, parachute reefing system
-Result: Good flight
-Video at 29:42

2. Beanboozler, autumn colors, 2.6 in. dia., 57 in. tall, 5 lbs 14 oz
-Motor: CTI I140SK
-Electronics: Altus Metrum EM, Eggfinder GPS, custom dual deploy, nosecone DAQ
-Result: Good flight
-Video at 31:49

John A.
1. MAC Menace Stretch, unpainted, 4 in. dia., 65 in. tall, 9 lbs 6 oz
-Motor: CTI J316PK
-Electronics: Altus Metrum EM, RRC2, Featherweight GPS
-Result: Catastrophic motor failure (post-flight inspection showed a large gash in the 38mm motor case)
-Video at 04:18

2. MAC Black Fly Stretch, unpainted, 54mm dia., 39 in. tall, 3 lbs 6 oz
-Motor: CTI H200BS
-Electronics: Altus Metrum EM, RRC2, Featherweight GPS
-Result: Good flight, good talking telemetry from the Featherweight system. Rocket reached apogee of 2971 feet, good deployment of main chute at 800 feet.
-Video at 24:15

Doug G.
1. MAC Scorpion Claw (custom modified), green, 3 in. dia., 70 in. tall, 8 lbs 1 oz
-Motor: Loki I316SF
-Electronics: RRC2 and Eggtimer Quark, set to 800 feet and 500 feet
-Result: Good flight
-Video at 01:08

2. SBR Honest John, gray and white, 7.5 in. dia., 85 in. tall, 22 lbs 4 oz
-Motor: CTI J530IM
-Electronics: RRC2 and Eggtimer Quark, main set to 1000 feet
-Result: Catastrophic motor failure, post-flight inspection showed a large gash in the 38mm 6XL motor case.
-Video at 13:35

3. MadcowBomarc, black and white, 3 in. dia. fuselage with large wooden wings, 60 in. tall, 3 lbs 4 oz
-Motor: AT H115DM
-Electronics: Eggtimer Apogee
-Result: Good straight launch, good deployment: Successful flight of the Bomarc!
-Video at 22:30

Club President and Rocket Guru Howie D. flew a series of three Dark Stars:
1. Wildman Dark Star 2.1 named Gold Star, painted gold, 2.1 in. dia. (54mm), 36 in. tall, 2 lbs 5 oz
-Motor: CTI H123SK (29mm)
-Electronics: RF tracker, JLCR set to 300 feet
-Result: Good flight and recovery. The RF tracking signal was briefly lost as the rocket landed out of sight on the other side of the hill in the west field, but Howie quickly established the signal again when he walked to the hill.
-Video at 10:14

2. Wildman Dark Star 3, black, 3 in. dia., 80 in. tall, 10 lbs 14 oz
-Motor: CTI J400SS
-Electronics: RRC2 set to 500 feet
-Result: Good flight, apogee 2495 feet.
-Video at 15:04

3. Wildman Dark Star Extreme, unpainted green fiberglass, 4 in. dia., 103 in. tall, 21 lbs 15 oz
-Motor: CTI K500RL
-Electronics: RRC2 and MARSA set to 800 feet and 500 feet
-Result: Good flight, although the main chute opened at apogee. The rocket reached an apogee of 2924 feet.
-Video at 26:51

May, 2022

The May Launch was cancelled due to poor weather.


June, 2022

32 flights, attempted 35 motors, flew 34
Flights: A:1, B:3, C:8, D:2, E:2, F:4, G:4, H:2, I:2, J:4, K:1
Motors: A:1, B:3, C:11, D:2, E:1, F:4, G:4, H:2, I:2, J:4, K:1
Mode: C
Median: F
Mean: H (both for flight and motor)
Range: 11
Total impulse: 5% N

LCO: Howie D and John A
Videography: Kevin K

16 Rocketeers and 12 guests

Clouds: overcast @ 0930, partly cloudy @ 1000, cloudless @ 1100
Temperature: mid-70s @ 0930, low 80s @ 1000, upper 80/low 90s @ 1200
Winds: light (<5mph) all morning, 0mph all afternoon
Humidity: high

On grass to north w/new setup
Launch control 100 feet from corn, 30 feet from road
Blue pads: 100 feet - SE corner (intersection of road and corn), 100/200 ft @ 45deg to NE
Red pads: @ 45deg to NW
Ready @ 0945hrs, 1st flight @ 1015hrs
We used recently cleaned rails, which worked much better (thanks to John A).
Takedown started @ 1530hrs (3:30pm), off field by 1600 (4:00pm), followed by BBQ at Mill River.

Notable events
Canadian club members Paul S and Daniel M came to fly with our club again, following 2+ years of pandemic restrictions on border crossings (Dave L had joined us a few times previously).


Club launch video is HERE

Aiden: 1 flight
-Estes Goblin (black and yellow) on C11-7, video at 13:59

Rosie: 1 flight
-Estes High Flyer (red and silver) on D12-5, video at 23:40

Kai: 3 flights
-Estes High Flyer (red and black) on C6-5, video at 14:45
-Estes Goblin (yellow and black) on C11-7, streamer recovery, video at 06:39
-Estes V2 (black and yellow) on AT F35-8 White w/Jolly Logic Chute Release (JLCR) @ 400, shredded at max Q, video at 15:16

Jack D: 1 flight
-CRMRC Saucer USS Roadster / Apollo 11 (white and purple) on C6-5, video at 17:54

-The Kickin Rocket Carriers: 1 flight
-SportX Unicorn (sparkles and rainbow) on AT G67 Red, video at 31:46

Daniel M: 2 flights
-Aerotech Arreaux (yellow and black) on AT F50-4T, video at 01:42
-Aerotech Wart Hog (white) on AT F50-6T, video at 10:25

Kevin K: 1 flight
-Madcow Super DX3 (red, white and blue) on CTI K820 BS w/Eggfinder and Proton dual deploy, main @400 feet, expected altitude 9900 feet, exceeded airframe speed (shredded) at max Q, video at 34:06

Kyle B: 1 flight
-Apogee Katana (blue and yellow) on AT J180 Blue Thunder (long-burn motor) w/PerfectFlite RRC3 main @ 500, video at 20:18

Gary C: 5 flights
-Estes Baby Bertha (red) on B6-4, 20:55
-Estes Savage (white, black, and pink) on B6-4, video at 02:48
-Estes Savage (white, black, and pink) on C6-5, video at 07:14
-Estes Big Bertha (red and black) on C6-5, video at 11:45
-Estes Majestic (purple and silver) on Estes/AT F15-6, video at 18:35

Paul S: 5 flights
-Scratch Goony Bird Zero (blue and cream) on C6-5, video at 09:05
-Scratch Blue Bird Zero (blue and white) on C6-7, video at 16:25
-Estes Mega Mosquito (pink and purple) on Estes E9-6, video at 00:25
-Estes Leviathan (pink and black flame) on AT G77 Red w/JLCR @ 300, JL Alt II, video at 24:56
-Scratch Blue Bird Zero (blue and white) on AT H128-10 White, JLCR@300, video at 32:51

Stan W: 2 flights
-Mac Zodiac (maroon) on CTI I297 SK to 6139 feet w/RRC2 @ 500, radio tracker, video at 08:06
-Mac MPR38 (yellow) on CTI I303 Blue Streak to 4616 w/Altimeter 2, JLCR @ 500, radio tracker, video at 27:53

John A: 1 flight
-Mac Menace (rebuild take 2, stretch) (naked brown) on CTI J410 Red Lightning to 3053 ft w/Featherweight GPS, Altus Mini, RRC3, video at 05:10

Scott L: 1 flight
-Giant Leap Rocketry (GLR) Thunderbolt (purple) on AT H550 Super Thunder w/Jiobit , JL Alt - lost to NW of launch site, video at 03:18

Jeff R: 1 flight
-PML IO (red and black) on AT G40-7 White, video at 26:11

Rick D: 4 flights
-Apogee Gyro-Chaser (yellow and orange) on A3-4T - lawn dart, video at 27:27
-Oddl Pegasus (pink) on B6-4, video at 23:23
-Apogee SLO-MO (red, white and green) on Quest D16-8 w/Astro Cam and Estes Altimeter, no video
-Klima Andromeda (blue and white) on 4 C6-5 but only 3 lit, no video

Club President and Rocket Guru Howie D: 3 flights
-Wildman 2.1-inch Dark Star named Gold Star (gold) on CTI G54 Red Lightning (long-burn motor) w/JLCR @ 300, radio tracker, video at 12:50
-Wildman 3-inch Dark Star (naked black) on CTI J400 Smoky Sam to 2458 feet w/RRC2 @500, radio tracker, video at 21:46
-Wildman 4-inch Patriot (yellow, red, black and white) on CTI J410 Red Lightning to 2834 feet / 3020 feet w/2 RRC2, streamer at apogee, main chute at 800 feet with backup at 500 feet, video at 30:00. Howie flew this rocket with the main chute in a deployment bag, so that the nosecone comes down in its own chute separate from the rest of the airframe. On this flight, the descent rates of the main airframe and the nosecone were so perfectly aligned that the deployment bag wrapped itself around the main airframe shock cord, landing together at the same time and same location.

Appendix: Flights by CRMRC members at URRF
on the same weekend (Potter, NY)

Mike C: 2 flights
-MAC Zodiac (Colorado Flyer) on CTI K360WH, video at 36:10
-MAC Pluto Slam on CTI L995R, video at 43:26

James: 3 flights
-Madcow FG SuperDX3 on CTI J357BS to 1596 feet, Altus Metrum EM and RRC2 backup, video at 37:15
-MAC Menace on CTI H225WT, video at 44:11
-Custom Supersonic Swordfish on CTI K735SK 75 mm minimum diameter rocket, Altus MetrumEM@600 feet and RRC2@300 feet, video at 40:41. Good flight to apogee to 8383 feet (average of 8423 on AltusMetrum, 8343 on JL Alt3, and 8382 on RRC2), good deployment at 600 feet, good landing and recovery 3/4 mile from the launch site.

Eric M: 1 flight
-Ultimate Wildman (Green Vermont Rocket) on AT M1315WL, video at 40:05


July, 2022

Thanks to Kevin K and Andrew G for videography and photography on the field in St Albans.

Saturday, July 16, 2022
Ready to fly @ 0945 hrs, 1st flight @ 1015 hrs
Last flight @ 1530 hrs, off field 1545 hrs (in time for reservation at Mill RiverBrewery and BBQ @ 1600 hrs)

Weather (start of day - end of day):
Temperature: low 80s to upper 80s
Winds: 7mph, dropping throughout the day
Clouds: overcast early, then quickly becoming mostly sunny and eventually almost cloudless

People: ~50

Flight summary:
41 flights: 2A, 2B, 7C, 7D, 3E, 2F, 3G, 5H, 3I, 3J, 3K, 1L
45 motors: 2A, 4B, 6C, 7D, 5E, 4F, 2G, 5H, 3I, 3J, 3K, 1L
Total impulse: N
Mean (average) impulse, both by motor and flight: H
Mode (most used): by motor C, by flight C and D
Median (middle value): both by motor and flight F-G

Successful L1 certification flight: Ryan G (Apogee Zephyr on AT H283ST)

Monthly club video is HERE

Flight details by maker model, color, diameter x length, weight, on=motor, other things of note, to=altitude, and video time index (if video is available):

Abby C
-Scratch Drummillion, blue, 1.5 in. x 24 in., 5oz, on D12-5, video at 20:58
-Scratch Drummillion, blue, 1.5 in. x 24 in., 5oz, on D12-5, video at 25:43

Abby and Kyle
-Apogee Zephyr, 4 in. x 48 in., 4lbs, on AT H123 w/Jolly Logic Chute Release (JLCR) @ 300 feet

Aiden B
-Estes Goblin, black and yellow, 1.3 in. x 16 in., 4oz, on C11-7, streamer, video at 39:18

Dad and Dave
-Estes Crossfire, red and orange, 1 in. x 14 in., 2.1oz, on C6-5, video at 47:50

Emerson C
-Estes Goblin Zappy, black and yellow, 1.3 in. x 16 in., 4oz, on C11-7, streamer, video at 27:26

Eleanor C
-Estes V2 Bumblebee, black and yellow, 2.5 in. x 20 in., 7.7oz, on D12-3, video at 40:07

Gerry and David
-Estes Savage, black and pink, 1.5 in. x 18 in., 4.6oz, on C6-5, video at 35:34

Deborah S
-Fliskits Giga Bucks, green, 1.6 in. x 22 in., 6oz, on AT E20-4 White, streamer, flight unstable, video at 22:47

Gary S (tie - most flights)
-Estes Tazz, white and black, 1 in. x 16 in., 2.0oz, on A8-3, streamer and spin recovery, video at 20:14
-Estes Mini A Heli, yellow and orange, 1.2oz, on A10-3T, helicopter recovery, video at 41:18
-Estes Nike-X, orange and black, 1.3 in. x 23 in., on B6-4, video at 01:58
-Estes Der Red Max, red and black, 1.6 in. x 16 in., on B6-4
-Estes Starorbiter Ukraine Special, blue and yellow, 8.7oz, on E16-8, video at 28:09
-Estes Der Big Red Max, red and black, 3 in. x 30 in., 1lb, 4oz, on E16-8, video at 19:22

Paul S (tie - most flights)
-Fliskit Deuces Wild, yellow and green, 1.5 in. x 18 in., 4.6oz, on 2 - B4-4, both motors lit, video at 02:35
-Scratch J350, yellow, 1.75 in. x 18 in., 6.6oz, on D12-3, body tube is the tube from an AT J350, video at 09:23
-Scratch Blue Bird Zero, blue and silver, 1.6 in. x 40 in., 6.5oz, on D12-3
-Estes Patriot, white and yellow, 1.6 in. x 18 in., 3.5oz, on QJET D16-6, video at 36:18
-Estes Big Daddy, teal and yellow, 3 in. x 16 in., 9.9oz, on D12-5, video at 01:05
-Madcow Seawolf, cream, 4 in. x 53 in., 6.4lbs, on AT I245 Green, w/Jolly Logic (JL) Altimeter, JLCR @ 300 feet, video at 48:54

Kyle B
-North Coast Rocketry Hobgoblin, yellow and black, 2.5 in. x 34 in., 1lb 4oz, on AT F62-6 Red, w/JLCR @ 400 feet, video at 10:08

Bob S
-MAC 54mm Blackfly, black and white, 2.1 in. x 28 in., 1lb 15oz, on CTI F59 White Thunder, w/Estes Altimeter, JLCR @ 300 feet, to 400 feet, video at 05:19
-MAC 54mm Blackfly, black and white, 2.1 in. x 28 in., 1lb 15oz, on CTI G126 White Thunder, w/Estes Altimeter, JLCR @ 300 feet, to 1648 feet

Ryan G
-Estes Dragonite, red and black, 1 in. x 18 in., 2.7oz, on C6-5
-Estes Whirlybird, black and yellow, 1 in. x 24 in., 3.2oz, on C6-5, video at 46:33
-Apogee Zephyr, black whiteand green, 4 in. x 56 in., 4lbs, 3oz, on AT H283 Super Thunder, w/JLCR @ 600 feet, Featherweight GPS, video at 29:11. Successful L1 certification. Congratulations, Ryan!

Stan W
-MAC 3 in. Blackfly, black, 3 in. x 39 in., 4lbs, 9oz, on CTI I212 Smoky Sam, w/Jolly Logic Alt 2, JLCR, radio tracker, to 2830 feet, video at 03:20
Claude M
-Scratch Franken Rocket, 2 in. x 30 in., 1lb 10oz, on 2 x AT F42-8 Thunder, w/JLCR @ 300 feet, video at 37:49
-Wildman 4 in. Dark Star, multi-color, 4 in. x 84 in., 13lbs, 9.5oz, on CTI J293 Blue Streak, w/Perfect Flite and Missile Works (MW) RRC2+, main @ 800 feet, video at 11:10
-LOC Hyperloc 1600, 5.5 in. x 102 in., 29.5lbs, on CTI K555 Classic, w/Stratologger CR and MW RRC2, main @ 1100 feet, video at 23:25

Steven S
-MAC Ms Riley, red whiteand blue, 3 in. x 65 in., 9lb 9.5oz, on AT I284 White, w/RF tracker, MW RRC2, MW RRC3, main @ 600 feet, video at 17:41
-MAC AGM Pike McMissile, 4 in. x 70 in., 13lbs 10oz, on AT J540 Red, w/RF tracker, MW RRC2, MW RRC3, main @ 600 feet, video at 41:55

Doug G
-Madcow Bomarc, black and white, 2.6 in. x 55 in., 3lbs 14oz, on AT H165 Red and 2 QJet E16 airstart, w/Eggtimer Quark andMinitimer, video at 31:09
-MAC VTS, red and white, 4 in. x 70 in., 17lbs 2oz, on Loki J650 Spitfire, w/MW RRC2 andEggtimer Quark, main @ 600 feet, video at 44:17
-MAC Qinetiq, blue, 6 in. x 76 in., 26lbs 14oz, on CTI K740 C Star, w/MW RRC2 andEggtimer Quark, video at 06:49

John A
-MAC 54mm Blackfly Bloodsucking Blackfly, yellow and red, 2.1 in. x 38 in., 3lbs 8.5oz, on CTIH399 White Thunder, w/Featherweight GPS, Altus Medium Mini, MW RRC2, main @ 300 feet, to 3524 feet
-Madcow Osprey, red and black, 4.5 in. x 88 in., 27lbs 1.4oz, on CTI K675 Skidmark, w/Featherweight GPS and MW RRC2 and MW RRC3, main @ 800 feet

Mike C (largest motor)
-MAC Nike Smoke, tan and black, 5.5 in. x 86 in., 24lbs, on CTI L730CL, w/MW RRC3, main @ 500 feet, video at 14:22

-Scratch Pyramid, light blue, 39 in. x 12 in., 1lb, 13oz, on CTI G80 Skidmark, video at 06:12
-PML Black Brandt, red black and silver, 2.6 in. x 48 in., 3lbs 10oz, on CTI H152 Blue Streak, w/JLCR @ 300 feet, radio tracker, video at 33:11

August, 2022

Approximately 40 people attended the launch at various points during the day, including 15 CRMRC club members from the US and Canada, as well as numerous guests of all ages. The guests included a group from the Vermont Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (5-6 Civil Air Patrol cadets along with their leaders). Most of the cadets flew Estes Alpha III rockets on A8-3 motors, as listed below in the Flight Details section of this report.

When we first arrived on the field, local temperatures were in the upper 60s F, and then rising to 87 F by the end of the launch day (3:50 pm). We enjoyed clear skies and very little wind throughout the day. The grass in our main field was about 12 inches tall, so we were especially attentive to avoid losing tools and to avoid leaving any trash on the field. As for the east cornfield, we noted that the corn was approximately shoulder high, but somewhat less dense than a typical August on this field (due to drought-like conditions this year).

Club members began arriving shortly before 9:00 am, and we parked our vehicles on the south side of the farm road (which had tall weeds, as typical for late August). Kevin K, John A, and Howie D had brought club equipment to the field in their own vehicles, and we began unpacking the vehicles. By 9:15 am, nine club members were present on the field and setting up the equipment together. We placed the LCO table about 25 feet north of the farm road, facing north, and then we positioned three lines of electric cables radially,in the form of three spokes of a wheel: One cable went to the low-power rack, which was placed 50 feet northwest of the LCO table. The second cable went due north to a blue high-power rail at 200 feet for K flights (later extended to 300 feet for an L flight), and finally the third cable went to a blue high-power rail installed 100 feet northeast of the LCO table for H, I, and J flights. We angled most of the rails and rods a few degrees toward the southwest since that was the typical direction of the slight breezes during the day. All launch equipment was ready by 9:35 am. Club President and Rocket Guru Howie D called the air traffic control centers to notify them, and the first flight lifted off at 10:46 am.Then at 3:05 pm, after an action-packed and fun-filled day of flying, we began dismantling the low-power rack(all low-power flights were finished by that time). We then continued with three more high-power flights, and the last flight lifted off at 3:30 pm. By 3:50 pm, we had finished taking down the rails, cleaning the field, and packing up all club equipment into our vehicles.

As always, our club strictly followed all rules and regulations of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The club also adhered to all current local and federal guidelines related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

- Closest-to-pad award: Alexander G with Estes Alpha III on Estes A8-3, which landed about 3 feet from the low-power rack
- Largest motor: Constantine and his AT L900DM
- Highest flight: Constantine and his Wildman Extreme on AT L900DM to 9574 feet
- Reunion: Ben G joined us again after his first year in college (with Noah G)
- Rugged Rocketeer Award (RRA): Doug successfully retrieved his MAC Ethos from the depths of the east cornfield
-Most flights: Gary with 6 flights
- Most impressive personal growth as a rocketeer: Michael and his AeroTech Initiator, which flew successfully on AT F25
- Most impressivesame-day turnaround of a large rocket: Constantine flew his 4-inch dia. x 8.5-feet tal lWildman Extreme on an AeroTech K695 with dual deploy, andthen later on this same day he flew the same rocket on an AeroTech L900 with dual deploy again. Both flights were successful.

The motor distribution was as follows:
A: 12 motors
B: 4
C: 6
D: 3
E: 2
F: 5
G: 6
H: 5
I: 6
J: 2
K: 3
L: 1

Total: 55 motors on 51 flights, including 4 two-stage flights
Total impulse: 17,037.8 Ns, which is equivalent to a mid-sized N motor
Mean impulse: 334.1 Ns, which is a small I motor
Median impulse: 76.8 Ns, which is a large F motor
Mode: A (12 A motors)

CLUB LAUNCH VIDEO (also includes over 40 photos of liftoffs captured by Andrew D) is HERE


Andrew G
- Estes Alpha III, orange/black, 1 in. dia., 12 in. tall, 1.8 oz, Estes A8-3
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 26:23

Rose G
- Estes Alpha III, orange/black, 1 in. dia., 12 in. tall, 1.7 oz, Estes A8-3
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 27:49

-Estes V2, yellow/black, 2.6 in. dia., 18 in. tall, 9 oz, AT E18-7W
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 20:59

Alexander G
- Estes Alpha III, orange/black, 1 in. dia., 12 in. tall, 1.75 oz, Estes A8-3
- Result: Good flight, landed closest to pad of all flights on this day!
- Video at 28:53

Nick G
- Estes Alpha III, orange/black, 1 in. dia., 12 in. tall, 2 oz, Estes A8-3
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 38:59

Sawyer G
- Estes Alpha III, orange/black, 1 in. dia., 12 in. tall, 2 oz, Estes A8-3
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 39:41

William B
- Estes Sand SAM, tan/white, 1.5 in. dia., 23 in. tall, 10 oz, Estes B6-0/A8-5, Electronics: altimeter
- Result: Good two-stage flight and recovery
- Video at 55:35

Trevor G
- Estes Unmarked, 1.5 in. dia., 18 in. tall, 10 oz, Estes B6-0/A8-6, Electronics: altimeter
- Result: Good two-stage launch but the rocket did not separate at apogee, lawn-darted
- Video at 56:11

- Estes Black Brant III, red/gray, 1 in. dia., 20 in. tall, 1.8 oz, Estes A8-3
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 00:53

- Estes Mini A Heli, orange/yellow, 0.5 in. dia., 17 in. tall, 1.2 oz, Estes A10-3T
- Result: Good flight, good recovery on helicopter blades, landed near the low-power rack
- No video available

- Estes V2, yellow/black, 2.5 in. dia., 22 in. tall, 7.8 oz, Estes D12-3
- Result: Good flight, good deployment of the parachute. During descent, the rocket bounced gently off the hood of one of our vehicles that was parked along the farm road
- Video at 16:49

- Estes Twin Factor, orange/yellow, 0.5 in. dia., 6 in. tall, 1.4 oz , Estes A10-0T/A10-3T
- Result: Good two-stage launch, good parachute recovery
- Video at 33:36

- Estes Space Crater, orange, 1 in. dia., 18.5 in. tall, 3.7 oz, Estes C6-3
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 40:12

- Estes Express, brown, 1.25 in. dia., 24 in. tall, 4.7 oz, Estes D12-7
- Result: Good flight but lost in cornfield, not retrievable
- Video at 51:36

- AeroTech Initiator, white/red, 2.6 in. dia., 39 in. tall, 1 lb 2 oz, AT F25-4W
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 01:39

- Estes Firebird, white/red, 1.3 in. dia., 23 in. tall, 3.18 oz, Estes C6-5
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 18:19

- Estes Red Rocket, red, unknown dimensions, 2.6 oz, AT Quest C12-6FJ
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 29:31

-Estes Spirit, red/white/blue, 1.25 in. dia., 21 in. tall, 2.8 oz, AT Quest C12-6FJ
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 57:02

- MAC 3-inch Black Fly, white/black, 3 in. dia., 39 in. tall, 4 lbs 0.8 oz, AT G76-7GR
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 13:47

Scott L
- Madcow Mongoose, black, 38mm dia., 57 in. tall, 2 lbs 3 oz, AT H550ST, Electronics: Jiobit GPS
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 03:17

- MAC Scorpion, black, 3 in. dia., 54 in. tall, 4 lbs 7 oz., AT I280DM , Electronics: Jiobit GPS
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 19:39

Daniel M
- Estes Launch Rocket, yellow/white, 1.5 in. dia., unknown length, 4 oz, Estes C6-5
- Result: Good flight, landed on a chair on the flight line right next to Daniel
- Video at 05:53

- Estes Interceptor, red, 2 in. dia., 35 in. tall, 16 oz (1 lb), AT E30-4
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 21:50

- AeroTechArreaux, 1.625 in. dia., 44 in. tall, 1 lb 1 oz, AT F50-9T
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 35:28

- AeroTech Wart Hog, white/blue, 2.6 in. dia., 37 in. tall, 21 oz, AT F30-4T
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 46:02

Kyle B
-Northcoast Hobgoblin, yellow/black, dimensions unknown, 1 lb 4 oz, AT F35-8W
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 07:28

- Custom Dark Arrow, 2.6 in. dia., 40 in. tall, 4 lbs 10 oz, AT I170GR, Electronics: RRC3
- Video at 37:14

Noah G
- MAC Arcas, natural canvas phenolic, 54mm dia., 49 in. tall, 38.5 oz, CTI G80SK
- Result: Good flight, apogee 1036 ft
- Video at 54:56

Ben G
- Custom Patriot, red/white, 3 in. dia., 48 in. tall, 2 lbs 14 oz, CTI G106SK, Electronics: ArdIU (datalogging)
- Result: Good flight, apogee 1277 feet
- Video at 30:15

- Estes Solar Flare, white/blue, 1 in. dia., 24 in. tall, 4 oz, Estes B6-0/A10-3T
- Result: Good two-stage launch to apogee but then the rocket separated in an unplanned manner
- Video at 45:19

- MAC 54mm Black Fly, black, 2.2 in. dia., 30 in. tall, 1 lb 14 oz, CTI G68WH-8
- Result: The boost appeared to be somewhat unstable but otherwise a good flight
- Video at 57:51

Claude M
- LOC HyperLOC 8354 in. dia., 80 in. tall, 9.1 lbs, CTI J295CL, Electronics: RRC2, PerfectFlite
- Result: Good flight, streamer at apogee (est. 5000 ft)
- Video at 23:07

- Custom Blues for A, 2 in. dia., 36 in. tall, CTI H135WH, Electronics: RRC2
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 31:55

-Custom Test Run, 1.6 in. dia., 36 in. tall, 1.1 oz, AT G74-6W
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 53:19

- Custom Blue and Silver, 2.2 in. dia., 24 in. tall, 0.9 oz, AT F25-6W
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 56:46

- MAC Skyscraper, red, 3 in. dia., 62 in. tall, 6 lbs 7 oz, CTI I180SK, Electronics: RRC2 and RF tracker
- Result: Good flight on the stylish MAC Skyscraper, apogee 1499 ft, good recovery
- Video at 08:48

- MAC Scorpion, maroon, 3 in. dia., 52 in. tall, 4 lbs 2 oz, CTI H123SK (38mm), Electronics: JL Alt2, JLCR set to 300 feet
- Result: Good flight, apogee 2832 ft, good deployment on JLCR
- Video at 41:00

Kevin K
- Mach1 Desdemona, popsicle orange, 2.6 in. dia., 62 in. tall, 6 lbs 1 oz, CTI I540WT, Electronics: RRCL2, Eggtimer Proton
- Result: Good flight but no main chute, apogee reported as 4420 ft and 4422 ft on two altimeters
- Video at 42:07

John A
- Madcow Osprey, red/black, 4.5 in. dia., 111 in. tall, 27 lbs 13 oz, CTI K711WH, Electronics: RRC2, RRC3, Featherweight GPS
- Result: Good launch to 4177 ft apogee, good dual deployment, main chute did not fully inflate (tangled)
- Video at 10:21

- MAC Bloodsucking Black Fly, red/yellow, 54mm dia., 38 in. tall, 3 lbs 10 oz, CTI H233R, Electronics: RRC2, Altus Metrum, Featherweight GPS
- Result: Good flight, apogee 3893 ft
- Video at 47:22

Paul S
- Estes Canadian Arrow, white/purple, 2.6 in. dia., 26 in. tall, 9.1 oz, Estes D12-5
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 12:33

- Semroc Blue Bird Zero, blue/white, 1.6 in. dia., 38 in. tall, 4.5 oz, Estes C6-5
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 34:15

- Formula 54,blue (Rustoleum Painters Touch Satin Ink Blue), 2 in. dia., 30 in. tall, 1.15 lbs, AT G77R-7, Electronics: JLCR set to 300 ft, JL Alt2
- Result: Good flight, apogee approx. 1500 feet
- Video at 38:01

-Estes Quinstar, lavender, 8 in. dia., 4 in. tall, 6 oz, Estes B6-0
- Result: Good flight with elegant spiraling ascent and descent
- Video at 44:45

- Wildman Dark Star Jr, purple, 2.3 in. dia., 62 in. tall, 5 lbs 5 oz, Electronics: Eggtimer Quantum, AT I180W
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 58:23

Doug G
- MAC Ethos Extended, rainbow pattern, 4 in. dia., 72 in. tall, 8 lb 10 oz, CTI J357BS, Electronics: RRC2, Eggtimer Quark
- Result: Good launch but zippered, landed in the east cornfield, successfully retrieved
- Video at 15:00

-SBR Honest John, gray/white, 6 in. dia., 84 in. tall, 28 lbs 15 oz, CTI K600WH, Electronics: RRC2, Eggtimer Quark
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 49:41

- MAC Exocet, white/orange, 3 in. dia., 72 in. tall, 8 lbs 6 oz, CTI I242WH
, lectronics: RRC2, Eggtimer Quark
- Result: Good flight
- Video at 59:59

- Wildman Extreme, orange/black, 4 in. dia., 104 in. tall, 17 lbs 13 oz, AT K695R, Electronics: RRC2, RRC3, Featherweight GPS
- Result: Good flight, apogee 3881 ft
- Video at 53:53

- Wildman Extreme, orange/black, 4 in. dia., 104 in. tall, 24 lbs 8 oz, AT L900DM
Electronics: RRC2, RRC3, Featherweight GPS
- Result: Good flight, apogee 9574 feet (altimeter average). During the descent, the rocket passed over the whole east cornfield (which is approximately a half-mile wide) and landed in a grass area about 600 feet east of Dunsmore Road, roughly halfway between the road and the line of trees farther east.
- Video at 1:01:37

Club President and Rocket Guru Howie D
- The Famous Howie Pyramid, light blue Styrofoam, built from a 24-inch wide piece of Styrofoam into a tetrahedral triangular pyramid (4 faces, 6 edges; each edge is 24 inches long). The height of the pyramid is sqrt(2/3)x24 in. which means it is 19.6 in. tall,and the weight of the pyramid for this launch was 2 lbs (including motor), CTI H123SK (38mm)
- Result: Good flight, including brightly colored streamers (red/white/blue)
- Video at 25:41

September, 2022

Club members began arriving on the field shortly before 9:00 am, parking their vehicles on the south side of the farm road. We immediately noticed that a small group of geese hunters had set up an array of geese decoys in the hayfield just south of the farm road. Club President and Rocket Guru Howie D walked over to the geese hunters and explained that some very loud rockets were about to be launched nearby. The hunters were aware that a rocket launch might be happening. The hunters started packing up around 9:15am because they were done for the day, not because of the launch.

The weather was very comfortable with low windsandmostly sunny skies throughout the day. At 9:00 am, it was mostly clear skies, light wind from the southeast, and a field temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit. By 9:40 am, the temperature had climbed to 55 degrees, then stretched into the low 60s by 11:30 am. Patches of altocumulus clouds periodically drifted into our area at several thousand feet (also known as mackerel sky or fish-scale clouds). But these small cloud patches were dispersed thinly across the sky, and we were able to safely launch rockets following NAR rules.

Approximately 24 people attended the launch: 7 CRMRC members, 7-8 guests, and about 10 college students from Northeastern University.

The launch equipment was set up in our standard location for this time of year: the hayfield just west of the large cornfield. The LCO table was positioned about 20 feet north of the farm road, with the RSO table behind and to the left. We strung out three power cords radially such that the low-power rack was on the left at 50 feet from the LCO table, one blue rail was to the right of the LCO table at 100 feet (for H, I, J flights), and one blue rail was angled to the right at 200 feet (for K flights). Later in the day, the blue pad at 200 feet was replaced with the heavy yellow pad to accommodate one heavy rocket (Northeastern University, as discussed below).Everything was ready to fly by 9:40 am.Club President Howie notified the air traffic control that we were beginning our launch day, and our first rocket lifted off at 10:16 am. The final flight launched about 3:45 pm, and then club members packed up the equipment and left the field by 4:15 pm.

As always, our club strictly followed all rules and regulations of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The club also adhered to all current local and federal guidelines related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


- Closest to pad: Gary and his Estes Jetliner (nosedived into the ground about 8 feet from the launch rack)

- Most flights (tie): Paul and Gary both had 7 flights

- Best on-the-field solution to a rocketry problem: Howie and his clever rope-looping method for retrieving a rocket stuck in a tree

- Most complicated yet successful rocket design: Northeastern University

- Most colorful rocket: Doug and his rainbow-patterned MAC Pike

- Largest Mosquito rocket: Paul and his Estes Mega Mosquito

- Best same-day turnaround of a dual-deploy rocket: Kevin and his two flights on Mach1 Desdemona

- Best/worst fireworks show: James and his K711 CATO at 500 feet in the air

- RRA (Rugged Rocketeer Award): After several unsuccessful trips into the cornfield in search of his rocket, Gary and a team of CRMRC rocketeers returned to the cornfield at the end of the day and finally locatedthe rocket!

- Best onsite troubleshooting of an ignition problem: Howie


There were a total of 28 motors on 28 flights (no staged or cluster flights). All motor classes from 1/2 A to K were represented by at least one flight except E. The total impulse for the day was 9439.5 Ns, equivalent to a large M motor. The smallest motor was Estes 1/2 A3, which has impulse 0.6 Ns (Gary), and the largest motor was CTI K711, which has impulse 2377.3 Ns (James). The mean impulse was 337.1 Ns (a small I), and the median was 14.6 Ns (aD motor). The sharp difference between the mean and the median is explained by the fact that there were only 10 high-power flights out of our 28 total flights (15 low-power flights and 3 mid-power flights).The mode was just B (6 B motors).The motor distribution is listed below:

1/2 A: 2 motors
A: 3 motors
B: 6
C: 2
D: 2
E: 0
F: 1
G: 2
H: 3
I: 1
J: 3
K: 3
Total: 28 motors

Video link is HERE

1. Estes Firebird, white and black, 1.5 in. dia., 11 in. tall, 2.5 oz
Estes B6-4
Result: Good flight, late chute deployment but successful

2. Estes Red Rocket, red, 1.5 in. dia., 18 in. tall, 1.8 oz.
Estes B4-2
Result: Good flight

3. Estes Farside, blue and white, 1.5 in. dia., 15.5 in. tall, 1.8 oz.
Estes B4-2
Result: Good flight

1. Estes Terra GLM, green, 1 in. dia., 18 in. tall, 3.1 oz.
Estes B6-4
Result: Good flight

2. Estes Jetliner, white, 2.5 in. dia., 9 in. tall, 2.2 oz.
Estes A10-3T
Result: Good boost but nosedived into the ground (undamaged)

3. Estes Star Hopper, gray and silver, 0.75 in. dia., 7 in. tall, 1 oz.
Estes 1/2A3-2T
Result: Good flight

4. Estes Crossbow SST, white, 0.75 in. dia., 15 in. tall, 1.9 oz.
Estes A8-3
Result: Good flight

5. Estes Der Red Max, red and black, 1.6 in. dia., 16.3 in. tall, 3.7 oz.
Estes C6-5
Result: Good flight, although chute deployment was late

6. Estes Baby Bertha, red, 1.625 in. dia., 12.75 in. tall, 2.6 oz.
Estes B4-4
Result: Good flight

7. Estes Airborne Surveillance Missile, 1 in. dia., 11.5 in. tall, 1.2 oz.
Estes A3-4T
Result: Good flight, landed in the cornfield and recovered at the end of the day

1. ThrustlineSeadart, silver, 1.3 in. dia., 21 in. tall, 3.2 oz.
Qjet C12-6
Result: Anomalous event during the boost

2. Binder Design Aspire, red and yellow, 2.6 in. dia., 47 in. tall, 1.159 lbs
AT G64-7W
Electronics: JL AltIII, JLCR
Result: Good flight

3. Estes Mega Mosquito, pink, 2.88 in. dia., 17 in. tall, 8.4 oz.
Estes D12-3
Result: Good boost but separated anomalously, landed on a truck windshield (no damage to the truck)

4. Estes Leviathan, pink and black, 3 in. dia., 41.5 in. tall, 1.111 lbs
AT H165R
Electronics: JL AltIII, JLCR
Result: Good flight

5. Estes Patriot, white/yellow/green, 1.37 in. dia., 21.5 in. tall, 3.6 oz.
QJet D16-6
Result: Good flight

6. Gooney Bird Zero, blue and crème, 1.6 in. dia., 14 in. tall, 2.5 oz.
QJet B4-4
Result: Good flight

7. PML AIM-120 AMRAAM, gray, 2.3 in. dia., 42 in. tall, 1.15 lbs
AT G76-7G
Electronics: JL AltIII, JLCR
Result: Good flight

-Madcow FG SuperDX3, black and gray, 4 in. dia., 81 in. tall, 16 lbs 7 oz.
Electronics: RRC2, Altus Metrum EM, Jiobit GPS, RunCam2
Result: Motor Cato (forward end blew apart during the boost), most of rocket draped over a tree with nothing closer to the ground than 15 feet. All pieces recovered.The booster section was destroyed, but the nosecone, av-bay, electronics, and parachute are all in good condition.

1. Mach1 Desdemona, popsicle orange, 2.6 in. dia., 62 in. tall, 6 lbs 12.5 oz.
Electronics: Egg Finder Proton, RRC2
Result: Good flight

2. Mach1 Desdemona (second flight of the day), 2.6 in. dia., 62 in. tall, 6 lbs 11.5 oz.
Electronics: Egg Finder Proton, RRC2
Result: Good flight

1. Madcow Jayhawk, orange, 2.6 in. dia., 28 in. tall, 1 lb 9 oz.
Result: Good flight

2. Madcow Bomarc, 2.6 in. dia., 48 in. tall, 3 lbs 14 oz.
AT H165R
Electronics: Eggtimer Quark
Result: Apogee 604 feet

3. MAC Pike, rainbow colors, 4 in. dia., 70 in. tall, 10 lbs 10 oz.
Electronics: RRC2, Eggtimer Quark
Result: Apogee 2100 feet

4. MAC Bolt, blue and gray, 3 in. dia., 60 in. tall, 5 lbs 10 oz.
Loki H125CT
Electronics: Eggtimer Quark
Result: Apogee 890 feet
No video available

-Beanboozler, orange and yellow, 2.6 in. dia., 50 in. tall, 6 lbs 5 oz.
Electronics: Altus Metrum EM, custom deployment

-Travel Request Denied, red/black/blue, 5.5 in. dia., 101 in. tall, 38 lbs 6 oz.
Electronics: Altus Metrum EM, custom boards
Result: Good flight

-Wildman 1/4 Patriot, red/white/yellow/black, 4 in. dia., 56 in. tall, 13 lbs
Electronics: RRC2 x 2
Result: Good flight. Landed approximately one mile to the northwest. Apogee measured as 4148 feet and 4801 feet.


October, 2022

Ready to fly @ 1007 hrs, 1st flight @ 1040 hrs

Corn was harvested and that field had been furrowed making it very muddy, so launched off normal location on grass

Arrived at 0900hrs but a truck and trailer were blocking the road down

Howie talked to trenching team and asked them to move the truck, which they did

Road was very greasy/muddy from the rain earlier in the week, no cars were allowed down the final dip

Last flight @ 1430 hrs, off field 1530 hrs (in time for reservation at Mill River Brewery and BBQ @ 1545 hrs)

Weather (start of day - end of day):

Temperature: upper 40s to lower 60s

Winds: 7 mph, increasing throughout the day and 14-18mph by 1400hrs, max for the day 24 mph

Clouds: mostly sunny for most of the day with times of mostly cloudy

People: ~60

Flight summary:

27 flights: 1A, 5C, 2D, 1E, 3F, 4G, 2H, 4I, 3J, 2K

29 motors: 1A, 5C, 2D, 1E, 6F, 3G, 2H, 4I, 3J, 2K

Total impulse: M

Mean (average) impulse, both by motor and flight H

Mode (most used): by motor F, by flight C

Median (middle value): both by motor and flight F-G

Club launch video is HERE


Flights (maker model, color, diameter x length, weight, “on” motor, other things of note, [“to” altitude]):

Jacob G

CRMRC Saucer, white, 8” x 2.75”, 4oz on C6-5, video at 21:37

Bob G

CRMRC Saucer, “Magenta-multi”, white & magenta, 8” x 2.75”, 4oz on C6-5, video at 24:25

Garrett F

CRMRC Saucer, white, 8” x 2.75”, 4oz on C6-5, video at 21:58

Michelle F

CRMRC Saucer, white, 8” x 2.75”, 4oz on C6-5, video at 23:41

Aiden B

Estes Goblin, black & yellow, 1.2” x 13”, 4oz, on QJet D16-6, streamer, video at 15:35

Kyle B

North Coast Hobgoblin, 2.5” x 26”, 1lb 6oz, on AT 76G-10, video at 16:52

Aiden & Rosie

Scratch-built Unicorn, rainbow sparkle, 3” x 45”, 2lb 9oz, on AT H242T, w/Jolly Logic Chute Release (JLCR) @300’, video at 36:57


MAC Performance Rocketry Scorpion, black, 35” x 50”, 3lbs, on AT I175W-14, video at 12:13

Matthew S

Custom “NAM” , blue, 4” x 78”, 8lbs 1oz, on CTI I218WT w/2 Altus Metrum (AM) EasyMini @600’, 1st flight, certification flight, video at 31:31

Howard G

Giant Leap Road Kill, blue & silver, 3” x 90”, 7lbs 8oz, on CTI I297 SK, w/JLCR @500’, video at 34:59

Matt M

Wildman Intimidator 2.6” “Beanboozler,” red & orange, 2.6” x 52”, 7lbs, 5.5oz, on AT J1799 W9, w/2 AM EasyMini @800’ & GPS, w/warp 9 propellant the rocket took off like a shot, video at 19:01

Stan W

MAC Performance Rocketry Zodiac, blue, 3” x 62”, 7lbs 4oz, on CTI J381SK w/RRC2 @500’ first flight to 4318’, video at 00:43

MAC Performance Rocketry Villain, orange, 4” x 66”, 11lbs 2oz, on CTI K360WH w/2 RRC2 @600’, first flight, motor cato, video at 26:35

Rick D

Aerotech Strong Arm, white, 2.6” x 44”, 1lb 9oz, on AT F42-4, w/JLCR @300’, video at 11:02

Apogee Starlift Mega Lander, black & white, 1lb 9oz, on AT F42-4 w/AstroCam, first flight, comes down in 2 sections, video at 28:44

Claude M

Estes Ventris, orange, 2.5” x 47”, 1lb 1oz, on AT F50-6T, w/RRC2+ (no ejection) & JLCR @300’, video at 22:27

LOC Nuke Pro Maxx, green & orange, 3lbs 1oz, on AT I245G w/Stratologger CF, video at 33:01

Wildman Vindicator Jr, green & purple, 6lbs 3oz, on CTI J355R w/PerfectFlite @700’, video at 09:00


Estes V2, red & white, 2.6” x 22”, 9.6oz, on E12-4, video at 06:58

Custom design Triolaid, 3” x 46”, 3lbs, on 3 AT F59-9, tried 3 igniters in parallel but would not ignite then tried 3 igniters in series, but only 1 engine lit, so flight did not go high enough for 9 second delay as parachute ejected a few feet off the ground and the rocket hit the ground hard, video at 03:05

Mach 1 Thunderhawk, naked green fiberglass, 2.6” x 38”, 3lbs 14oz, on CTI H225 WT w/Aim Xtra & GPS Flight Computer, video at 24:53

Paul S

Custom Birdie (shuttlecock), red & white, 2” x 3”, 0.7oz, on A3-4T, video at 14:37

Estes Sentinel, white, 1.6” x 26”, 5oz, on Qjet C12-6, video at 05:24

Estes Solar Warrior, blue, 1.6” x 22”, 6oz, on D12-5, no video available

Estes Leviathan, pink & black flame, 3” x 41.5”, 1lb 9oz, on AT G64W-7 w/Jolly Logic Altimeter II & JLCR @300’, video at 30:00

Andrew G (Northeastern)

Custom TRD (Travel Request Denied), black & red, 7” x 101”, 38lbs 13oz, on CTI K1440 WT, w/EasyMini & custom electronics @2000’, video at 38:12

Club President and Rocket Guru Howie D

Wildman Dark Star 2.1” Sport “Gold Star”, gold, 2.1” x 40”, 2lbs 3oz, on CTI G106 SK, video at 03:43

November, 2022

Ready to fly @ 0942 hrs, 1st flight @ 1007 hrs

Grass fields both north and south of the road had pipes installed so very uneven

Road down had some greasy/muddy spots

Launched off the field at the end of the road; this field became very muddy as temperature went above freezing

Two large tractors were parked on the field so we moved north of them

Last flight @ 1600 hrs, off field 1645 hrs (we waited for one college student to try her L1 at 1610 hrs but she did not have any NAR certification paperwork)

Weather (start of day - end of day):

Temperature: upper 20s to lower 30s, although the wind made it feel colder

Winds: 7-12 mph for most of the day, decreasing around 1300hrs, max for the day 22mph

Clouds: mostly cloudy for most of the day (2000 ft ceiling) but clearing up after 1300hrs

People: ~40

Flight summary:

21 flights: 1A, 1B, 3C, 1D, 2E, 2G, 2H, 3I, 3J, 3K (all single motor flights)

Total impulse: M

Mean (average) impulse H

Mode (most used): C, I, J, K

Median (middle value): F

Range (max - min) : K-A

Certifications: L2 - two, both successful

Club launch video: HERE

Flights (maker model, color, diameter x length, weight, “on” motor, other things of note, [“to” altitude], [video]):

Riley W

Badminton Birdie, red & white, 2.5” x 2”, 0.5oz on A10-PT, video at 10:15


Estes Crossfire, red/orange, 1” x 12”, 4oz on B6-4, video at 12:10

Else W

Estes Patriot, white & yellow, 1.6” x 21”, 4oz on C6-5, no video available

Gerry B

Estes Savage, multi-color, 2.75 x 8”, 4oz on C6-5, no video available

Dan B

LOC/Scratch “The Watermelon”, pink & green, 2.1 x 48”, 3lbs 6oz, on AT G125, video at 12:53

James S

MAC Menace, blue & white, 4” x 48”, 6lb 1oz, on CTI H225WT, Jiobit tracker, video at 11:11

The delay was too long, so the rocket core-sampled into 17 inches of clay-like mud. Shovel recovery by Paul and James. Damage to the rocket was surprisingly light, just need to replace the top half of the booster.

Ryan G

SBR Thor, black & yellow, 4” x 85”, 10lb 15oz, on AT J450DM, w/RRC3, Jolly Logic Chute Release (JLCR) @ 400’ & Featherweight GPS, successful L2 certification. Video at 17:51

Kartikey A

Custom “Super Super Guppy Guppy” red & white & black, 4”” x 99”, 12lbs 4oz, on CTI J381 Skidmark, w/2 Altus Metrum (AM) EasyMini & custom Angry Goose Logger, video at 15:44

Matthew S

Custom “Exp2” , blue & gold, 4” x 76”, 11lbs 4oz, on AT K850 w/2 AM EasyMini @600’, successful L2 certification flight, no video available

Andrew G

Custom “Spruce Goose”, blue & orange, 4” x 83”, 11lbs 11oz, on CTI J335 Red Lightning w/AM EasyMini, no video available

Custom “TRD”, black & red, 5.5” x 101”, 38lbs 8oz, on CTI K1440 WhiteThunder, w/AM EasyMini & custom board @ 2000’, video at 22:10

Came in ballistic destroying nosecone, shovel recovery

Doug G

MAC Pike, multi-color, 4” x 84”, 10lbs, 10oz, on AT I500 Blue, w/Missile Works (MW) RRC2 & Eggtimer Quark @ 600’, video at 05:33

MAC Qinetiq, blue & orange, 6” x 96”, 30lbs 2oz, on CTI K675 Skidmark, w/Missile Works (MW) RRC2 & Eggtimer Quark @ 600’, video at 13:31

This was a crowd-pleasing flight on the loud sparky K675 skidmark

Dave L

Custom Yellow Saucer, yellow, 8” x 4”, 3oz, on Quest E26, tumble recovery, video at 07:51

Rocketry Warehouse Mouse 38, gray & black, 1.5” x 20”, 1lb 1oz, on AT E20-4 White, no video available

Rocketry Warehouse Formula 75, green & black, 3” x 36”, 4lbs 13oz, on CTI I180 Skidmark w/FlightSketch Altimeter, video at 08:45

Paul S

Estes Baby Bertha, blue, 1.6” x 13”, 2.4oz, on C6-5, video at 01:37

Custom J-350, yellow & red, 2” x 22”, 7oz, on D12-3, video at 04:15

Estes Leviathan, pink & black flame, 3” x 41.5”, 1lb 8oz, on AT G64W-7 w/JLCR @ 300’, video at 15:24

LOC Goblin, green, 4” x 41”, 4lbs, 3oz, on AT I245-8 Green, w/JLCR @ 300’, video at 20:36


Wildman Lil Rascal (rebuild - fin replacement), blue sparkle, 4” x 24”, on CTI H123 SK (38mm) w/JLCR @ 300’, video at 03:13

December, 2022

The December Launch was cancelled due to poor weather. See you next year!