About Us

The Champlain Region Model Rocket Club is a Section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). We were chartered in 2002 by a small group of individuals who were interested in furthering their own expertise and in sharing a love of modeling, amateur science, rocketry and camaraderie (and, if truth be known, love of the flame, smoke, and roar of rocket motors!)  We fly monthly on the third Saturday of each month weather-permitting. If the weather doesn't co-operate we try to re-schedule for Sunday or the following Saturday. Check the Launch Schedule for updated info on our next launch and before departing to a scheduled launch.

We are a small club, but have fliers of all certification levels and many different interests. Model rockets, odd rocs, hybrids, bowling balls, works of art - they are all welcome. We fly all sizes and shapes from tiny 3" Micro Maxx-powered rockets (1/12th A motors) to 12 foot long high powered (M motor) behemoths. If you are interested in certification as a High Power flier we can help you reach that goal whether it be level 1, 2 or 3. If you work with a youth group and need help putting together a model rocket launch, we are more than happy to help provide a field and equipment. CRMRC is commited to reaching our youth. We do rocketry demos and talks throughout the year. We will work with schools, universities, churches, scouts, 4-H, Civil Air Patrol and others. Rocketry is hands-on fun as well as being educational. Paticipants learn both technical and art skills as well as how to work within a group. We also take safety seriously.

Have your own young kids? Bring them to one of our monthly launches. For only $5.00 we will offer you a simple to complete flying saucer kit with motor that can be completed, individually decorated and flown in a few minutes. What a sense of accomplisment your kid will have. AND IT'S FUN!

We welcome rocketeers of all ages, from the kids on up to the kids at heart.



The CRMRC maintains a variety of launch equipment. We can support model and midpower rockets from our five position low-power launch rack, and can always support high power launches using our standard 1010 or 1515 rails. Our rod sizes are 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and 7/16". If you you require extreme or unistrut rails, please notify us in advance of your arrival so we can have the equipment available for you to use.

The club owns a Garmin Astro 220 handheld GPS tracking system with a DC40 transceiver that goes into the rocket being tracked. It will fit into 54mm or larger diameter tubes or nosecones. If you have your own Garmin DC20, DC30 or DC40 transceiver, we can track your rocket for you. Club members may also borrow the club's DC40 transceiver to use with our Astro 220 handheld unit.